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Step 1: Create an Account
  • Helps us connect your IMFOA membership to your certification records. When the certification site is available to you, you will get an email.
  • Sets up a new Member Account on this site for you. When you're logged into your account, the blue bar at the top will have your name & IMFOA ID in it. You'll also see My Account in the menu options.
  • Ensures each unique person = one unique IMFOA ID 
  • Permanent ID’s will be assigned to replace temporary ID’s
Once your account is created, you should get an email to set your password and then an email inviting you to join or renew IMFOA dues for 2024-2025.
Step 2: Renew Dues for 2024-2025
  • IMFOA Dues run from April 1 to April 1.
  • You can have an ID Tracking account without being an IMFOA member, but you will pay non-member rates for event registrations.
  • Your membership follows you if you should change jobs.
Log into your account before you complete the dues form.